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Discography: Splits/Compilations

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Split Releases and Compilations

Winter Death (Split, 2007)
metal-archivescover.jpg picture by Kurtjr14
Side Winter (Frost):
1. Flesh & Blood
2. Werwolf
3. Sejdr
Side Death (Pagan Hammer):
1. Wood
2. My Grave in the Mountains
3. Heathen Lands
Released on Tape only through Racheswur Records. Each comes with a logo button of each band.

Pagan Hammer I (Comp, 2008)
draftwtext.jpg picture by Kurtjr14
1. A Test Of Strength
2. Pure Existence
3. A Fallen Warrior
4. Foreseeable War (Odin's Sign)
5. The Rotting Battlefield
6. Wood
7. My Grave in the Mountains
8. Heathen Lands
9. Vampyric Moonlight
10. Sorrow Breeds Hate
Release by Nokturnal Transmissions Records on CD in DVD cases (NTR-006).
A compilation of nearly all of Pagan Hammer material up to the 'Ode To My Fathers' EP plus two unreleased tracks. Pro CDr in DVD case.

Bonded to the Grave (Split, 2010)
Cover_art_large-1.jpg picture by Kurtjr14
1. Bonded to the Grave
2. Of Wood and Putrid Disgust
Nox Eternus:
3.Children of the Frost
Pagan Hammer:
4. Made Feeble by Anguish
5. Carelian Pagan Madness (Satanic Warmaster cover)
Split with Nox Eternus and Necrotorment released by Black Metal Cult Records on CD. Debut release for Necrotorment.

Infinitas Barathrum (Split, 2008)
coversmall.jpg picture by Kurtjr14
Pagan Hammer:
1. The Nightwind Whispers
2. Moonlight
3. The Trodden Path of a Wolf
Nox Eternus:
1. Dawn of Black Immortal
2. Eternal Fields of Dying Solitude
3. Intemptesta Nox
4. Consumed by Vines
Split with Nox Eternus released on Nokturnal Transmissions Records on CD (NTR-010). This is the debut release for Nox Eternus. The song "Moonlight" is a re-recording of "Vampyric Moonlight".