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Discography: Demos

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Pagan Wolves (Demo 2007)
CD-r only
resizedforM_A.gif picture by Kurtjr14
1. A Test Of Strength
2. Pure Existence
3. A Fallen Warrior
4. War (Burzum Cover)
This release is a CD-r demo. Mainly traded and sold through the band itself.

Pagan Wolves / Foresight (Demo, 2008)
Tape only
tapefront.jpg picture by Kurtjr14
1. A Test of Strength
2. Pure Existence
3. A Fallen Warrior
4. War
5. Foreseeable War (Odin's Sign)
6. The Rotting Battlefield
7. Remembrance of Times Forgotten
8. Freezing Moon
Tape compilation of both 2007 demos released by Sabbath's Fire. Limited to 300 pieces.

Foresight (Demo, 2007)
M-Acover.jpg picture by Kurtjr14
1. Foreseeable War (Odin's Sign)
2. The Rotting Battlefield
3. Remembrance of Times Forgotten
4. Freezing Moon
Initial release limited to 11 hand-numbered cassettes and 20 hand-numbered Jewel case CDs. The tapes and First 5 CD's have a minor mistake in the Liner notes, the heading "Forsight" is supposed to read "Foresight". Subsequent releases come in a slipcase with cover art. Frost Ruebenstahl of Wervolf plays the solos on the cover of Mayhem's "Freezing Moon".